Resize your pictures Online Free

Resize Pictures  Resize your pictures in just some clicks with this tool.

How to Resize Pictures ? 
1 - Click the button "Upload Photo". The upload will be instantaneous.

2 - The picture will be shown, and you'll see a small rectangle,
each cornder. Click and drag the small rectangles, to increase or decrease the picture's resolution. You also, can change the photo's resolution by clicking the field Width, or Height and typing the value you want. When you click outside your picture, it is deselected. Click on it to select again. 
3 - To save the resize photo in your computer click the button Save Picture. Why should I resize my pictures? The best advantage in resizing your pictures is that the upload will be a lot faster after resized. The original image file generated by the digital cameras are very heavy to upload. Smaller photos will be uploaded very quickly


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